Charges for Non NHS Work

List of Non NHS Charges

Please note that we no longer offer sports medicals (diving, skydiving, iron man etc). We recommend using Doctor Now, a private GP. Contact: 01494 410 888.

Subject Access RequestFREE
Certificates and Letters
Holiday Insurance Certificate/Cancellation£30.00
International Certificate of Vaccination£30.00
To Whom it May Concern e.g. Housing//Exams/Work£30.00
Medical Certificates£30.00
Private Sick Note£30.00
Full Examination for Insurance e.g. HGV / PSV / Taxi / Racing / Elderly Fitness Driver£140.00
Insurance Report (No Examination)£100.00
Supplementary Report From£30.00
Private Medical Pre-Consultation Form£30- £120
Road Traffic Accident Claim within 72 hours£30.00
Report to Occupational Health from£60.00
Social Services Report (No Examination) Sections 17 & 47£40.00
OFSTED Report (Child minder)£90.00
Adoption/Foster Medical (Adult)£78.69
Adoption Medical & Report (Child)£95.00
Health Questionnaire for Medical Students£30.00
Driving Licence/Citizenship Counter Signatory£30.00
Force Medical Questionnaire From£30.00
Fire Arms Licensing – new application£120.00
Fire Arms Licensing – Renewal£120.00
Solicitors Reports
Power of Attorney/Court of Protection (No Examination)£100.00
Power of Attorney /Court of Protection(With Examination)£200.00
Certificate of Mental Capacity£100.00
Private Home Visit£200
Private Non Injectable Prescription£12.50

* Please note that fitness to fly for aviation, sports fitness and other specialised medical fitness letter are no longer offered by the GP but to be done by medical professional trained to assess these occupations fitness.

Payment Methods

Cash / BACS Transfer

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