Amersham Health Centre is a training practice approved for the training of doctors in general practice, and we view education as an integral part of our practice

Drs CI Gabe and Dr D Hettiarachchi are approved GP trainers.

To be approved as a training practice we undergo regular assessments to ensure that we demonstrate that we meet a number of rigorous standards relating to patient safety, diversity of patient services, management and quality assurance of training, equality & diversity and the assessment, support and development of doctors.

The GP registrars are fully qualified doctors who have mainly hospital experience. They initially consult with our GPs and then as training progresses see patients alone under supervision. An important part of training is learning by reflection and we encourage the registrars to regularly video the consultation element of their surgeries for training purposes. You will always be asked for your consent prior to and after the consultation to enable the registrar to discuss the case with their trainer.

We are also involved in providing short electives in General Practice for medical students from Oxford University. We will inform you that a medical student is sitting with your doctor and request that you give your permission for them to be present during the consultation.

We believe that being a training practice improves the quality of service that we offer our patients.

Should you have any concerns about the training process, please contact the Practice Manager.

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